A local congregation patterned after the New Testament has the following: elders, deacons, preacher/evangelist, deacons, and various volunteers (ministry leaders and others). Callao Christian Church also benefits from a dedicated, part-time youth director and a dedicated, part-time secretary.

Our Elders:

Callao Christian Church is an elder-led church, as patterned after the New Testament (1 Timothy 3:1-7).

Our elders are:

Virgil Harris (also Sunday School Superintendent)

Larry Stacy

Darrell Swafford, B. Th. (Summit Theological Seminary)

Jim Franklin

Our elders lead, teach, administrate, and shepherd our congregation.

Our Minister:

Our preaching minister is Josh Stucki. Josh's duties including preaching on Sunday morning and evening, leading the Daytimers Bible Study on Tuesdays, and teaching the Wednesday night Bible Study. The rest of the week he calls on people who would like to hear more about Christ, are shut-in, in a hospital, or are in a nursing home. Josh, along with  our secretary, updates and manages the website. Josh also writes most of the Bible literature available both on this website and in print at the church buildings. 

Josh graduated in 2005 with a Bachelors of Science Degree from Central Christian College in Moberly, Missouri. He recently graduated with a Diploma of Biblical Studies degree from Summit Theological Seminary and is presently pursuing his Master's Degree.

Our Youth Director:

Please see our website's "Position Open" for details on our search for an Associate/Youth Minister. This Position is designed to train a man to be a preacher while providing the director role in the youth ministry of Callao Christian Church. 

Our Secretary:

Our secretary is Sheri Tate. Sheri handles all of the daily administrative tasks of the church, including the weekly bulletin, the monthly newsletter, treasury duties, office communications via phone, email, in print, on the website, and texting, as well as statistics for the church.

Our Deacons:

Our deacons serve the church (1 Timothy 3:8-13) by being ministry leaders. They are:

Jeff Stacy - Building Safety

Bob Gress - Special Music

Rick Gann - Audio/Visual

Josh Bunse - Board Secretary

Jim Willis - Buildings & Ground

Our Ministry Leaders:

We have other ministry leaders who volunteer their time to vital ministries of our congregation:

Melinda Masten - Music

Aimee Miller - Music

Melanie Thurnau - Music

Alice Davis - Music

Debi Conklin - Kitchen

Bill Hoke - FLC Chairs, Literature Ministry

Velda Hoke - Library and Funeral Dinners, Literature Ministry

Sheri Tate - Administration

Mickey Shipp - Insurance

Angie Christensen - Nursery

And thank you to every Volunteer!

Many other volunteers serve the congregation in unseen, unknown ways. We are very thankful for each!