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Latest Book: “Life Lessons and Wisdom from Joseph (A Character Study)” by Josh Stucki

Latest Book: “The Christian Church in American History” by Josh Stucki

2nd Latest Book: "Life Lessons from Genesis, Vol.1" by Josh Stucki



Book- A Fascinating Look at ANGELS in Scripture


[The] apostles:

Chart- The Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul Chart



Book- Sprinkling or Immersion: A Biblical Study (A Study Comparing its Biblical Meaning to its Contemporary Practice)

Book- Who Can Baptize?

Book- A Quick Review of Water Baptism in the New Testament

Paper- What is Baptism for the Dead? (based on 1 Corinthians 15:29)

Workbook- "Can I Get Baptized?" - a study for kids!

Chart- The Five Baptisms of the New Testament Chart

Chart- Comparing Bible Baptism with Various Beliefs and Practices


[The] Bible:

Book- Basic, Objective Reasons to Believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus

Book- Volume 2 - Basic, Objective Reasons to Believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus

Paper- Why 66 Books in the Bible?

Paper- Is the Bible Sufficient to Understand the Bible?

Chart- The Bible is a Library Chart


Book - Life Lessons and Wisdom from Joseph

[The] church:

Book- Non-Denominational or Un-Denominational? An answer to the common question, "Aren't Christian Churches and Churches of Christ just another denomination?" The short answer is "no"; this booklet answers why.

Book- The Establishment of Church Government in the New Testament

Book- More than a Social Gospel - The Ill and a Cure

Book- How Is Unity Possible? (An Op-Ed)

Book-  Is Weekly Church Attendance Required by God?

Paper- The Service? The Fellowship? The Contribution? The Church?

Paper- What is the Christian's Responsibility to their Elders?

Chart- Progression of Church Polity - Chart

Book - The Christian Church in American History 

creation vs. evolution:

Book- Creation vs. Evolution: A Summary



Book- The 8 Stages of Discipleship

Book- The Art of Giving Self (by Bob Gress)

Book - Life Lessons in Genesis, Vol 1.

Workbook- After-Baptism Guide: Now that I'm a Christian! - a quick-study workbook for the new Christian

Workbook- Judging - a quick-study workbook on this controversial subject



Book- How to Share Christ

Book- A Possible Answer to Three Questions: 1) Did the Gospel spread to the entire world in less than 40 years from when the church began? 2) If so, how did that happen before technology? 3) Did Enoch and Elijah not die and to heaven when they were "taken up" and "were not"?



Book- What Are Faith and Works in The New Testament? 

Book- The Relationship of Faith and Grace

Paper- The Lord's Money: By Faith & In Faithfulness

Chart- Does Preaching or Miraculous Signs Bring About Saving Faith? - Chart

Paper- Is Calvinism Biblical?



Book- A Quick Guide on How to Help your Child Love God, the Church, and the Bible

Chart- Statistical Study of Church Attendance of Children Based on Parents - Chart



Book- Find Release from Bitterness with Forgiveness!

Chart- Examples of Forgiveness - Chart



Book - God Within You



Paper- Was Jesus Just a Man?

Chart- The People through whom Jesus Came (Messianic Line) Chart

Chart- The Miracles of Jesus - Chart

LOCAL Church history:

Book - Callao Christian Church History by Jayne G. Roberts

Lord's supper:

Book- A Concise Study on the Lord's Supper

Chart- The Lord's Supper - What does the Bible say?


New Testament:

Paper- Introduction to Parables

Chart- A Potential View of Pre-Written History from Revelation - Chart

Chart- Conversions in the New Testament - Chart

Chart- The Great Commission Through the Bible - Chart

Book- Jude: A Restoration Movement Commentary

Workbook: A Commentary and Workbook on 2 Peter


Old Testament:

Book- Old Testament Survey

Paper- A Very Short History of Instrumental and Vocal Music in the Old Testament, Church, and Today

Paper- The Origin of All False Religion and Unbelief (see Sermon audio for the recorded message based on this paper)

Paper- Who were the Nephilim from Genesis 6:4? (also see Sunday Night Sermon on the Nephilim under "Sermon Audio")

Chart- Shadow of the Christ from Genesis 22 - Chart

Chart- Word Study of "Bethel" in the Bible

Workbook- Survey of Genesis

Workbook- Survey of Exodus

Chart- Six Common Categories to Test a Religion (Summarized) - Chart



Book- About Prayer

Book- A Brief Study on Praying for Divine Healing

Book- Peanut Butter, Prayer Wheels, and other Falsehoods


preacher training:

Book- Preaching 101



Book- Understanding Prophecy (Parts 1-10, Volume I)

Paper- Understanding Prophecy - Part 11



Book- Can a Christian Lose their Salvation?

Paper- Can the Ten Commandments Save You?

Audio- Link to AUDIO of A Salvation Workbook - Chapters 1 - 8

Chart- How to be Saved Chart

Chart- 12 Things that "Save" - Chart



Book- Why Does God Allow Satan to Live?

Chart- Comparing Satan and the Kings of Tyre and Babylon from Ezekiel 28:1ff & Isaiah 14:12ff



Book- A Christian's Field Guide to Homosexuality in Present Culture

Book- What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? (it actually starts with angels)

Book- The Religious Businessperson's Present Dilemma



More to come!


New Testament Church Literature

Restoration Movement Literature

Conservative Christian Churches / Churches of Christ (Instrumental)